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Featuring articles on bod's artwork, carvings and sculptures, as well as fascinating posts from the travels and adventures in space and time of the Justbod Team around this fair land of ours....


bod is based in Yorkshire, and is inspired by a deep love of the history and countryside of these islands, as well as the mystery and beauty of ancient cultures. 

Justbod, bod
bod carving

He's been creating things since he was five years old, when he was given a penknife and a piece of string - apparently essential tools for a young boy! As soon as he discovered it was less painful to carve objects rather than his own hands, he was away and hasn't looked back!

Justbod, bod, carving
bod carving

Since then, bod has made all manner of things from lamps to musical instruments, from wall plaques to outdoor sculptures, and always with a richness of soul that can be hard to find in modern mass production. 

"My inspiration comes from a deep love of the history and nature of these Islands with  their rich layers of wild beauty, history and stories.

I am fascinated with the origin and endurance of many ancient designs and motifs, their links to the natural world, and their power to still resonate within us, to move and inspire.

By reinterpreting these designs, stories and motifs in new forms, my work seeks to open a dialogue with our richly interwoven past, and to create fresh connections and stories.

I work mainly in wood, metal and stone and am particularly attracted to natural materials and forms."

bod contemplates eternity.....
bod contemplates eternity.....

Why bod?

What's in a name? - bod was a nickname he was given many years ago, and it's also the name he has always used to sign his work. The nickname may have originally had subtle links to the 'bod' TV character of several years ago, but he is quite tight lipped on why this might be!

Why did he start using 'bod' as the name on his work?
"I was influenced by a wonderful book I read many years ago: 'Coming to Our Senses' by Morris Berman. In one of the chapters he compares Western and Eastern Art. One of the big differences that he highlights is the anonymity of Eastern Art (and Western artistic expression from the middle ages and earlier.) In the East, artistic expression is percieved merely as a way of channeling a higher aspect of ourselves, and everyone in society is perceived as being creative. I loved this idea, as when I'm making something, it does always feel more like a process of me 'getting out of my own way' to let something express through me. In the West, however, it is customary to link creativity with an identity. I decided that using 'bod' as my artistic name would link both ideas. It also appealed to me as 'bod,' in English culture is sometimes an expression for 'everyman,'  as in: "I'll get a couple of bods to do it."
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Read more about bod in his own words: Beginnings.... 

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The Justbod Team

We're a group of people who've collectively worked with bod over the years and seen his work featured in many shops and outlets, but this is our first time online. We're therefore really proud and excited to introduce you to his work on this blog and the main Justbod Website and Shop.

Never stop searching for wonderland
Never Stop Searching For Wonderland

We in the Justbod Team also have a great love for history and the countryside, and pocking around to find interesting stories, pictures and facts from the area around us on our regular Justbod Field Trips. As well as featuring bod's work, the Justbod blog also features many of these stories, pictures and facts from our fascinating, beautiful and ancient land. We also share lots of extra stuff on our various social sites on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

The Cowthorpe Oak
In Search of The Cowthorpe Oak

Currently the Justbod Team consists of bod, who makes things and sometimes writes about it, Anne who does a lot of admin and writes things, and Toni who does a lot of the necssary IT stuff and likes writing about churches and sacred sites....We also have odd bits and pieces of help from others, who are a vital part of the team, but who like their anonymity....

Justbod Anne
Justbod Anne "Not all those who wander are lost" - J R R Tolkien

Wakefield Cathedral
Wakefield's Labyrinth

We hope you enjoy browsing the site. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, or for further information.

If you want to buy any of bod's work, please visit the main website
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The Justbod team.


Guardian Celtic wood carving by bod

Tree Of Life Wall Plaque by Justbod
Tree Of Life Wall Plaque

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    1. Many thanks! Yes please Cynthia! Would love you to share any of our content on Facebook - would be grateful if you could just credit us. Was going to mention that we also have a Facebook page, if you wanted to pop over and look, but have just noticed that you've found us! :)