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Nature's Art

Nature's Art photos by Justbod

Nature has always been the greatest artist and sculptor of all, and here we present a short compilation of a few of our posts of Nature's Art over the last few years, featuring examples of Mother Nature's creativity found on our travels. 

All images are photoshop free, just as we took them...

I've deliberately kept the images text free for this article. If you'd like to read the text from the original posts and comments, just click the link in the caption of the photo to go to the original posts...

Forest Throne


Forest Throne photo by Justbod
Forest Throne, woods at Plumpton Rocks, Near Harrogate


Frozen Spiral


Frozen Spiral photo by Justbod
Frozen Spiral, Somewhere in Cumbria



 Dark Sentinel

Dark Sentinel photo by Justbod
Dark Sentinel, Hackfall, North Yorkshire

 Arboreal Arthur Rackham-esque Creature

Arboreal Arthur Rackhamesque Creature, Wyke Beck, Leeds

Waffle Fence

Grass Plaited Fence photo by Justbod
Grass Plaited Waffle Fence, Marsden Moor, West Yorkshire

Weathered Stone Medley

Weathered Stone Medley, photos by Justbod
Weathered Stone Medley, various locations

Icicle Hedge

Icicle Hedge, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham
Icicle Hedge, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham

Sea Beast

Seabeast photo by Justbod
Seabeast, Sandsend, Whitby, Yorkshire

 The Idol

Idol Rock, Brimham Rocks photo by Justbod
Idol Rock, Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire

Stump Sculpture 


Stump Sculpture near Skipton Yorkshire photo by Justbod
Stump Sculpture, Near Skipton, Yorkshire



Snow Wave


Snow Wave, Dallowgill North Yorkshire photo by Justbod
Snow Wave, Dallowgill, North Yorkshire



Ancient Hedge


Ancient Hedge West Bank Park York photo by Justbod
Ancient Hedge, West Bank Park, York


Wood Whorl In Oak


Wood Whorl In Oak photo by Justbod
Wood Whorl In Oak, near Ilton West Yorkshire





Tanglewood Hawthorn Hob Moor York photo by Justbod
Tanglewood Hawthorn, Hob Moor, York



'The World Is Full of Magic Things' - WB Yeats


Feather with dew drops
Feather with dew drops


Skeletal Holly


Holly Leaf Skeleton
Holly Leaf Skeleton


Nature's Patterns


Nature's Patterns photos by Justbod
Nature's Patterns, Various Locations


I hope you liked our photos of some of the beauty of Nature's Art - just a small selection of the many pictures that we've posted over the years.

Have you taken any photographs of examples of Nature's Art that you loved?  
We'd love to see them!  

You can get in touch with us by email, or through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Thanks for reading!


Justbod Team

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