Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tree of Life in bronze & oak

Tree Of Life Wall Plaque by Justbod

Our 'Tree of Life' wall plaque cold cast in bronze, aluminium or brass 
and set within a handcrafted solid oak wall plaque. 
From an original design by bod.

Ever since I first created this design as a wood carving, and then a hand-burnt design, I have been experimenting with different ways of creating an affordable 'sculpted' metal version. I tried several different ways hand-sculpting sheet metal: the material that many of my early designs have been created from, but couldn't get as much detail as I wanted.

Tree of Life in metal - prototype
Tree of Life in metal - prototype

Eventually I decided that the best way to go was to create an original sculpture, and then cast from that. After quite a bit more experimentation with different modelling materials, and casting recipes, I finally managed to create the 'Tree' you see now - available in three different cold cast metals: bronze, aluminium and brass.

Tree of Life wall plaque in bronze & oak

Each one has been cast, finished and polished by hand, and then inset into an individually handcrafted solid oak frame.  

I hope you like the new tree!

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