Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Is it Just Me?

Is it just me? Faces in rocks & trees......

Faces in trees and rocks, strange gatherings of trees, 
the genius loci spotted... it just me? 

Being a collection of our favourite 'Is it Just Me?' posts over the last year or so.

Our posts reproduced here with original wording and pictures and, where we can, we've included a link to the original source, so you can click and see others' comments and, without further a-do, here we go.... 

Primordial Creature

Primordial riverbank creature
A riverbank near Ripon
......there seems to be some sort of primordial creature, pulling himself up and free from the riverbank at the side of the River Skell, near Ripon, Yorkshire....
What do you it just me?



Adventurer's Skull

York Adventurers Hall skull in wall
York Merchant Adventurers' Hall
I think I see a skull in this stone in the wall of the Merchant Adventurers' Hall, York.....
...can you see it too... it just me? 


Two trees reunited
Two trees reunited.....
I get the feeling these trees haven't seen each other for a while.....
What do you think?
Is it just me?




Hitchcock Castle

Alfred Hitchcocks profile in the castle walls
Sheriff Hutton Castle, Yorkshire
I think I can see someone's profile in this picture of Sheriff Htton Castle... it just me?




A Face In the Walls

A face in a stone wall
York City Walls
Had a brilliant walk on the walls recently (you can never walk them too often,) and I got very excited about the many different textures to be found in the weathered stone, and took rather too many photos. I've been advised not to post them, as 'not everyone will share my enthusiasm for textured stone,' but I felt justified to slip this 'face' one in. Was going to post it as an 'is it just me? post.....but felt it was rather obvious.....isn't it?

Prehistoric Behemoth

Prehistoric behemoth, Sandsend, Whitby
Sandsend, Whitby, Yorkshire
...some kind of prehistoric behemoth rising from the sands at Sandsend, near Whitby..... it just me?



....a gathering of trees...

A gathering of trees
....obviously a bit secret.....
...what are they talking about?
(I tried to get close to earwig, but they went quiet....)

The Arboreal Opera Singer

The Arboreal Opera Singer
Woods near Knaresborough
....who causes passing hikers to weep, with the power and tragedy of his operatic arias.... it just me?
Original Facebook Post

Courting Trees

Courting winter trees watching the sunset together
Co Durham
...two couples enjoying the winter sunset at a popular romantic spot in Co Durham it just me?
Original Facebook Post

Alien Tree

Alien Tree
Studley Royal Water Park
Is it just me, or does this tree look a wee bit....well...alien?
What do you see?
Original Facebook Post 

Tree Altercation

...these two trees seem to be having a bit of a dispute...
What do you think?
Is it something to do with Black Friday?
Original Facebook Post   

Parrot Tree

Parrot Tree
...there seems to be some sort of wee bird coming out of this tree....what can you see? it just me?
Original Facebook Post   

Arboreal Predator

Arboreal Predator
Near Spofforth North Yorkshire ivy-cloaked arboreal predator reaches for a succulent sapling... it just me?
What do you see?
Original Facebook Post


The Eyes Have It 

The eyes have it
The Wolds, East Yorkshire
...another beautiful hollow tree from the Wolds, and one that seems to have two eyes staring back from that hollow space.... it just me?
Original Facebook Post  

High Fives 

High fiving trees
Near Embsay Crags, Yorkshire
...these trees look to me like they're 'high-fiving' or performing some other sort of ritual....What do you think?
Is it just me?
Original Facebook Post

Owl Tree

Owl Tree
York this an owl I can see in this tree.... it just me?
Original Facebook Post  

Dancing Tree

Dancing tree
Hackfall Yorkshire
 ...another tree being...dancing maybe...What do you see? it just me?
Original Facebook Post 

A Hooded Being

A hooded being
Bolton Abbey grounds, Yorkshire
...a hooded being, or the bearded one....
What do you see in this tree?
(or is it just me?)
Original Facebook Post  



Scary Roots

Scary roots of the forest
Littlebeck Woods, Yorkshire
...scary roots of the forest.... it just.....
Original Facebook Post  

These  are just a selection of the many 'Is it just me?' and 'interesting tree' posts that we've posted on Facebook over the last year or so. If you don't already, why not follow us. (We also post many other things.....interesting historical stories, latest archaelogical discoveries, and, of course, the latest on bod's work.) a final word.....a few definitions...
Pareidolia: a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or sound) wherin the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists.

Simulcrum (plural simulcra:) an image or representation of someone or something.

Genius Loci: spirit or guardian of a place

We hope you enjoyed these humorous offerings

Thanks for reading!

The Justbod Team

Artwork, carvings and sculptures by bod
~ inspired by history and nature ~


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  1. I love your 'is it just me' posts. Always ingenious and intriguing, sometimes scary and often very funny! Wonderful.

  2. Brilliant, just brilliant! I thought I was the only one that saw things!

    1. Many thanks Laurie! Glad I'm not alone :)