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Our Top Ten Trees of the Year

Silhouette tree at sunset
Top Ten Lists - everybody's at it! 

Time we got in on the act, we thought...
We post every day throughout the year, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and, after only one day, our lovely posts, that we sweated over, debated over, loved and hated...are gone....
well.... not any more.....welcome to our first compilation....
- our top ten trees from this year!

As you probably know, we love trees, and have posted a fair number over the year, we had to discipline ourselves to get it down to ten and our first rule to help with this was that it had to be a single tree, and have some character, a reason for inclusion. It also had to be one of our photos, a tree we'd personally seen. The internet is full of jaw-dropping amazing trees, it is important to us that our trees were witnessed by us...if you see what I mean...but, there is one exception, one that we just couldn't resist including.....everything should have at least one exception......

Here's our short list of ten, if you follow us on any of our other social sites, some or all may be familiar to you, where we can, we've included a link to the original post, 
should you wish to view it with comments etc..... 

We hope you enjoy our small selection.... in no particular order....

1.The Wonderland Tree 

Wonderland Tree East Yorkshire

This had to be included. We all loved this tree. Like a tardis it was even bigger inside than it looks from the outside. Easily big enough to accomodate any self-respecting hermit and all his/her mod cons. It also looks a little like a giant face.....

Location: Just off the Wolds Way between Market Weighton and Londesborough by the deserted medieval village of Towthorpe.

2.Topping Tree

Roseberry Topping Tree

Yes, it's a bit of a pun, but this is our 'topping tree' at Roseberry Topping. Don't know if this is technically a tree, or a shrub, but we love the way it frames, and 'tops' the famous landmark. Very Bonsai! We don't have the original post link unfortunately.

Location: Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire

3.Fairy Castle Tree

Fairy Castle Tree

We thought this old, decaying tree looked like a fairy castle, 
or an old man of the woods, or an Ent. What do you think?

Location: Hackfall (woods) near Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire 

4.Drunken Couple Tree

Drunken Couple Tree

We loved the feeling of this one, it feels like a gloriously happy, 
slightly tipsy couple on their way home from a good night!

Location: Roundhay Park, Leeds, Yorkshire

5.Old Man of the Woods

Old Man of the Woods

This is the exception. This evocative picture was kindly shared with us on Facebook from Brian Abnett. Sadly he doesn't know where it came from, and neither do we. 
If you do, please tell us!
Descriptions range from Swap Thing, Hagrid, the Green Man, an Ent, old man of the woods through to an army sniper.
You could say 'that's not a tree, it's a root,' but we wouldn't be listening.

Location: Currently unknown.

6.Tree at Sunset

Silhouette tree at sunset

bod has a 'bit of a thing' for winter trees silhouetted against the sky and used to decorate all manner of things with them. He was a big advocate of including this in our Top Ten List, and, luckily, we all loved it too, so there was no argument. 
Sadly, we don't have the original post link.

Location: Upper Poppleton, near York

7.Yesterday's Nut

Yesterday's Nut Tree

"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground." - David Icke

We included this because we love the quote, and the tree! The tree is part of several quite large and characterful oaks nestled amidst very much younger silver birch trees. 
They have a very tangible presence.
Location: Skipwith Common, between York and Selby

8.Wizard's Cape Tree

Wizard's Cape Tree

So called because it was possible to stand inside this tree and, when viewed, it almost looked as if you were wearing the tree. One of the comments on Facebook was 
'Looks as though if you stand in the middle bit it will give you a cuddle' -  Exactly! 
Another one from The Wolds, East Yorkshire. 

Location: On the Wolds Way between Fridaythorpe and Gill's Farm - just after West Dale.  

9.Sculpture Tree

Sculpture Tree

We loved this because of its powerful presence, standing right in the middle of the path. Also because it was another example of bod's wee quote:
 'Nature is the greatest artist and sculptor of all.' 

Location: Hackfall (woods) near Grewelthorpe, North Yorkshire 


10. Dancing Tree

Dancing Tree

Definitely one of our absolute favourites of this year. The original wording with the post was:
Walking Tree in Cornwall (with flares I think.....)
.....or perhaps dancing.
Definitely dancing we now think.....
A small confession....this was from a photo 'archive' or ours and wasn't really seen this you think that's ok.......?

Location: A graveyard in a wood somewhere near Boscastle, Cornwall.

Onward and Upward and into the new year!

We will obviously be continuing our wee adventures in the British countryside (mostly Yorkshire!) next year, and reporting back on all the interesting trees that we see.

Do you have any pictures of great trees that you've seen in this fair land of ours?

If so, we'd love to see them and maybe share them on our sites on Facebook/Twitter/Google etc. - you can send them to us either through one of the above sites, or email us via our Contact Us page on the main Justbod Website.

Thanks for reading!

The Justbod Team

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  1. Dave {acoustic earth} Armitage27 December 2016 at 02:37

    Lovely pics, I have a passion for trees too, mission this next year to visit and photograph some of these and my own discovery's,

    1. Thanks Dave :) That's a great mission for the New Year - a beautiful subject to explore :)