Thursday, 27 November 2014

Symbols and the Natural World

Fossil ammonites wall plaque

New ranges of hand sculpted plaques 

in our Wood and Metal Collection!

The first three plaques in our two new ranges called

'Symbols & Motifs'
'Landscapes & the Natural World'

(updated 16/03/15 - originally one range, now split into two, as above)

Designed to look good individually, or displayed as a set, each plaque in this new range features a design by bod based on an ancient symbol, or an object from the natural world, hand sculpted in metal and mounted in a hand crafted oak frame ~ 16 cms square.

The new range launched with three designs:

Metal ammonite wall plaque

Fossils ammonite wall plaque

New designs have since been added to the
Symbols & Motifs Collection:

Article: Brentford: an example of early British Celtic Art

Article: The History of Brigid's Cross

Article: Horns-of-Odin

Spirals - Triple spiral wood & metal wall plaque

I'm sure bod will be adding even more over time....

Thanks for reading!


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