Saturday, 25 October 2014

Coriel - a change of style

Hand burnt celtic wallplaque

Coriel - back in stock, and a bit different....

Our (fairly) new range of six hand-burnt plaques have proved to be really popular, and bod has struggled, at times, to keep up.

Hand burnt Celtic Tree of Life wall plaque
bod's nearly caught up (!) and in doing more of the Coriel plaque, he's made a few you can see above, if you remember the old plaque.

It's a hand burnt plaque based on an ancient British coin struck by the Corieltauvi tribe c.55-45 BC.

One of six plaques in our 'Dark and Light' Collection, each 16 cm square.

Unless we've sold out again, they should all be available from clicking on the above link. 

We do have a new system in place now, however. If an item is showing 'Sold Out - Available' to order, it is still possible to order it from the website. We will email you within 24 hours to advise how long it will be before despatch. Currently bod is normally able to make any item within ten days. (This will probably change a wee bit in the run-up to Christmas!)

Coriel is also available as a sculpted metal plaque in our Creatures Collection, and you can read more about the design on this previous blog post.

Pyrography Celtic wall plaque

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