Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sculpted Tealights Range Increased

Hand sculpted wooden tealight holders
We've just added a whole host of new hand-hewn hardwood Sculpted Tealight holders to the website, in both Yew and Hawthorn and with prices starting at just £9.95 + p/p.

Up until now our Sculpted Tealights have ranged in price from £25 - £35, and I wanted to create a greater range with some smaller tealight holders to compliment the larger ones, enabling a more balanced collection and the facility to create different 'arrangements' of tealights.

Sculpted wooden Yew tealight holder
Sculpted Yew Tealight Holder
It's taken me a while (more on that later,) but we now have Sculpted Tealights that range in price from £9.95 - £35 (+ p/p.)

I have also created some new ones in Hawthorn, rather than just sticking to Yew. I am really pleased with this, as they are a completely different feel, many with beautiful spalted effects from fungus. All of our Hawthorn Sculpted Tealight holders also come with details of their provenance, as it was us that gathered the wood. There is also a picture of either the fallen tree, or their 'donor' tree, if it was just a fallen branch.

Sculpted Hawthorn tealight holders
Sculpted Hawthorn tealight holders
Why has it taken me a while to create a wider range? Aside from being very busy with all the other pieces that I make and have made, I am also a bit resistant to creating these Sculpted Tealights. 
I once read an interview with an author where he was asked 'Do you like to write?' To which he replied 'I love to have written!' Making the Sculpted Tealights is a little like that for me. I love the finished result. I struggle with aspects of the process. The aspect I struggle with is the sanding!

There are a great many processes in every piece of work that I do, but, when it comes to the Sculpted Tealights, a great deal of these process steps involve sanding by hand. All of my work is sanded by hand in the final steps, but Yew is particularly demanding!

Sculpted wooden Yew tealight holder
I absolutely love the final stages of polishing the Yew tealight holders, as this is when I really see the beauty of the wood grain show. However, the previous stages of hand sanding are really hard work, and not at all my favourite activity. Yew is a very individual and defiant wood, with the grain running in many different directions. This means a far more involved and labour intensive process in the sanding, with a lot of concentration and changes in sanding direction, to suit the wood. Although it does polish beautifully, this finish can only be achieved with many different steps of hand sanding, with progressively finer sand paper. Yew also has a great sense of humour, and the grain pattern often mimics groves or scratches in the wood. Many a time I have been furiously sanding an area trying to eradicate a scratch or blemish, only to find that it's just a pattern in the wood! The final result always makes all this effort worth while, but I do have to frequently remind myself of this as I work on whole days of nothing but hand sanding! 

As before, all the tealight holders priced at £25 and above, are individually named, with a name that I feel evokes their energy and feeling tone.

Sculpted wooden Hawthorn tealight holder
Sculpted wooden Hawthorn tealight holder
I am also really pleased to have now added Hawthorn to the range. Hawthorn is one of my favourite trees and I also love the wood. The trees have so many interesting and twisted shapes. I have collected Hawthorn from several different sites, and each is quite different. Every piece of work purchased from Justbod comes with an information sheet about the piece. In the case of the Hawthorn Tealight holders, this also includes details of where the wood originally grew.

Please pop over to the main website and have a look at all the different sizes and shapes that are now available in our Sculpted Tealight range. I hope to do a similar 'makeover' with the Natural Tealights, but I'm having a break first by creating some new plaques!

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