Monday, 28 July 2014

Pale and Interesting - our hand-burnt sycamore plaques

Pyrographed Celtic Knotwork wood plaque

This is the latest Guardian by bod - a sycamore wall plaque with a 'recessed' hand-burnt (pyrographed) design.

We at the Justbod Team have become so used to bod's 'dark wood' (oak) wall plaques, this was rather a suprise. It was quickly dubbed 'pale and interesting,' which has become a bit of a tag-line!

We all really like it and bod has now promised to create Hound in a similar way, when he has time. It is quite low on the list, and it's become a rather long list, as we've been super-busy recently.  

Celtic Knotwork wood carving

Our new 'pale and interesting' Guardian joins the carved and metal Guardian's on our website and is now available to purchase or order from our Wood and Fire Collection.

Scupted metal Celtic Knotwork wood plaque

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Justbod Team

 Update: Hound now available!



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