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Runestone viking art wall plaque
Runestone - now available in an oak and metal plaque which has been individually hand sculpted by bod. It measures ~ 22cm square.

It is available now from our Creatures Collection.

NB: This is an old version of this article and the design has now been completely reworked and remade. You can see the new design >> here.

Click through to the latest version of this article 'bod's Runestone, Grettir's Saga and a Matter of Trust'

bod's design is based on Viking or Norse Art Runestone inscriptions, which were typically carved into raised stones or boulders. The tradition began in the 4th century, and lasted well into the 12th. Most of the Runestones found are located in Scandinavia, but there are also others scattered throughout the lands that the Vikings visited and settled. Runestones were often memorials, and were frequently brightly coloured when first created.

Viking or Norse art has been categorised into different periods, and my Runestone design has been based on the type of art known as ‘Urnes Style,’ named after the northern gate of the Urnes stave church in Norway. It is also often called ‘Runestone Style’ by scholars and is characterised by slim and stylised animals that are interwoven into tight patterns, with animal heads in profile and with slender almond-shaped eyes.

The Runic inscriptions on Runestones were most often memorials to the dead, much like our gravestones today. This type of inscription did not seem appropriate for my Runestone, and I debated for some time as to what to write. In the end I decided that I did want the Runes to ‘say’ something, rather than being in a meaningless order, but that I didn’t want it to carry too much importance, as different people like different things. In the end, I simply used words from the Justbod website, as follows: 

The inscription is -

– Justbod Celtic Viking and Mythical Sculptures Carvings and Artwork. Handcrafted by bod.

Overall, my intent with this was whimsical and romantic, rather than an intent towards Runic historical accuracy.

Runestone viking art wall plaque

It is also available in our Wood and Fire Collection as a hand-burnt design inset into a 16 cm oak frame.

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